The Gathering Place

Services: Saturday & Wednesday 7P

Worship, Prayer, Relationships and The Word Of God are the cornerstones here at the Gathering Place.

We believe when Jesus ascended to The Father in heaven His Kingdom began and is ever expanding.

Every person is made up of three parts; body, soul and spirit. When we are born our spirit is dead and our soul rules over us. When we repent of our sinful nature and confess Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, we become “born of the spirit”. Our spirit man must then begin to rule over us, and the war between the flesh and spirit begins. We must crucify our flesh daily and follow Jesus in all that we do.

The Christian life is a war and we here at the Gathering Place recognize the daily battle and need to encourage one another in our struggles.
Through heartfelt worship, daily prayer, devotional time in The Bible and relationship with other believers we grow our spirit man and see God’s will come upon the earth.

If you are looking for a place to “hide”, the Gathering Place is not for you. Part of becoming a member is learning to be relational with your brothers and sisters in Christ. There is even a class called “Discovering Intimacy” where we provide tools for having healthy relationships in marriages, families and church community.

The Gathering Place is a part of the Federation of Ministers and Churches International led by Brother Jim Hodges. We acknowledge Brother Jim as our apostolic oversight.

Pastor Lowell and Associate Pastor Leveta invite you to come and worship with us. Find healing and wholeness as we worship, grow and labor together in The Kingdom of God.